What? Who?

DSC_0006_2CharKat’s Creative Insanity is the collated works of Charlotte Carpentier….also known as CharKat. But why…you ask…is her creativity insane?

CharKat has been making art for a very long time. From Barbie clothes and accessories on her great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine, to music (she learned to work the saxophone,) jewelry, quilts, clothing, and much, much more.

Her influences come from sources all over the world, and everyday life. She has professed to having attention deficit disorder when it comes to creating things, and loves to try just about anything.

After a long career in the corporate world and a retirement worthy stint in the military, she found herself wondering…what now? Depression and PTSD have plagued her the entirety of her life, and that led her to seeking alternative treatments…which ultimately led her into art therapy and there, she found Zentangle®.

Through Zentangle®, CharKat has been able to pull all her art endeavors into one place, and still have the mindful, therapeutic effect of being in the moment with her art. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), she strives to bring all that insane, eclectic energy to the masses.

Make Stuff…you will feel better.

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